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Foundation Club

Current administration committee:

President: Bader Erzouqi

Vice President: Abdulwahab Alsaqer

Secretary: Mariam Mohammed

Treasurer: Fatmah Hussain

Head of PR: Mohammed AlDeai

PR Vice: Hamad Alkhudhari

Head of Media: Asmaa AlFailchawe

Head of Events Coordination: Reem AlHazeem

Who are we?

We are the Foundation Club, we’ve been created to ease up the integration from high school to university for students. We also seek to easing up every step for the freshman who inters our university. Also, we will teach all foundation students the fundamentals to be university student.

The aim of Foundation Club ?

The aim of the Foundation Club is to let the foundation’s students prepared for university’s life.

Our activities and events:

Our activities and events are mostly concentrate on the foundation program unit which is concentrate mostly on English and Math, but also to get the students out of the university routine.

How can you register and join the Foundation Club Family ?

You can simply email us + Once we send the registration link you can join us and we are going to do the interview with you.

Social Media:

FClubGust : Twitter - Instagram - Snapchat


The Anime Club

Current administration committee:

President: Mohammad Al-Harbi

Vice President: Fajer BouShehri

Vice President: Hashem Al-Hunaiyyan

Secretary: Razan Al-Wazzan

What is the Anime club?

This club main theme and attraction is the Japanese Animation and culture and all different colors of entertainment such as movies, TV shows and Games!

What is the aim of the Anime club?

Our aim is to present a unique color of entertainment to the students and people and make them spend an enjoyable time with us, Also representing many cultures especially the Japanese culture

Important annual events and activities of this club?

Every semester we add a new activity with new themes

 1-Halloween event

2- Gaming diwaniya

3- Contests and raffles

4- Comic con trip (Dubai)

5- Booth and exhibition participations

6- Anime club week event

How can students register and join the Anime Club?

Every first week of the semesters, we open our online registrations where students can send their names and IDs through our Email.. Also, we will have a location at our university where you can find us and register and we will interview the students afterwards.

Our Social media:


Twitter: AnimeClub_Gust

Instagram: gustanimeclub

Snapchat: animeclub.gust 

The Management Club

Current administration committee:

President: Yousef AlSalem

Vice President: Mohammad AlAwadhi

Secretary: Manar AlObaidi

Treasurer: Abdulatif AlSeleem

Head of Media: Fatma AlAnsari

Head of PR: Bibi AlMowed

Head of Planning: Razan AbdulKareem


More info soon.

Our Social media:


Twitter: MGMTClubGUST

Instagram: MGMTClubGUST

Snapchat: mgmtclub

Human Development Club

Current administration committee:

President: Fawaz Al Omairi

Vice President: Lateefah Abughaith

Secretary: Abdulrahman Al Maaili

Treasurer: Khaled Naouchi

Head of PR: Abdullah Al Mneefy

Head of Follow-up: Yousef Al Owaisi

Head of Events: Barak Al Mubarak

Head of Media:Zainab Al Bloushi

Our Social media:


Twitter: @GUST_HD

Instagram: @GUST_HD

Snapchat: @GUST_HD

MyGUST Social Media

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